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Project Description
Rapid Repository is Windows Phone 7 Database and Silverlight Database.

The repository simplifies storing and querying entities for windows phone 7 and silverlight using a similar pattern to the Entity framework.

The repository is written in C# and supports Linq to objects.

Rapid Repository V2.0

Release Overview


Creating and saving entities
Create, read, update and delete operations
Querying with views and filters
File Helper
Examining Operation Requests


Numerous methods for performing Create, Read, Update and Delete operations:
  • Add
  • Update
  • Delete
  • Exists
  • GetById
  • GetAll
  • Query

Views & Filters

A view is a subset of an entity which can be implemented to greatly improve querying speed and performance.
Filters are 'Where' Conditions placed on the view to further filter the data.

Rapid Context

The context is mainly used for performing any operations request by the repository.
It also allows access to all operation requests, this enables the examination and updating/deleting of any pending changes if required in more complex scenarios.

Entity Cache

Entities are cached locally by default for improved performance, there are methods available for eager loading the cache at application start up and also for turning off caching on a per entity basis

File Access Helper

RapidRepository.File contains helper methods for storing file that are not entities such as an image byte array.

Road Map

The features I'm looking to add for V3.0 include the following:
  • Transaction Enlistment
  • Alternative serialisation options (most likely a binary alternative for this release)
  • A transient storage solution for tombstoning (see discussions)
  • Some cleanup methods

Other than that there have been numerous other ideas from user feedback including full text search, alternate json formatters, automated attribute driven file separation which may make it in.


V2.0 is a great improvement on V1.0 and I'm especially happy with the Views & Filters feature and I really hope people find it useful.

As always, I'd be grateful for any feedback and ideas for the project.

Kind Regards,

Sean McAlinden.

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